Dear Graduating Class Of 2021!

Rel Kapcha congratulates you & we would like to make it even more memorable by capturing this beautiful ocassion. Invite us to your graduation.


This budle covers general photography for the duration of the graduation.


A link to an exclusive online gallery can be privided. There, you will have access to all the images taken at the event (For viewing & Download). Note this link will last up to 4 months after the graduation.

OR we can email the school all of the images.


Photography Plus

This bundle includes all of the benefits of the Photography bundle.

In addition, each graduant will receive one 4 by 6 hard copy photography of them receiving their diplomas. 

Additional hard copies can also be requested at $5 per student


Live Video & Recording

We are providers of high quality video & audio streaming. Let us help you produce a quality stream that your audience will enjoy watching.

Live streaming is a great way to keep the venue numbers down, while making it convenient to attend.

Contribute to the fight against Covid-19 by streaming to your favorite platform (Facebook or YouTube)


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